5 ways to make your company more secure

The more advanced businesses become, the higher the security risks. A major reason for this is many companies employ a number of technological tools and devices to run every day operations, all of which can lead to breaches in security. However, businesses don’t have to run the risk simply to succeed. Brooke Chaplan offers a few tips to make a business more secure.

Mobile Security

A trick to business efficiency is going mobile, allowing employees to work from their homes, the office, and on-the-go through mobile devices. This practice often decreases downtime due to travel and helps create a productive environment. However, the use of mobile devices translates into a security risk if companies do not invest in stringent security tools and protocols. The use of passwords, data encryption, and anti-virus software go a long way to help secure mobile devices, but do not become complacent or a security breach through a Smartphone could spell disaster.

Technological Security

Companies use a number of technological devices and tools to increase business efficiency and productivity, including computers, mobile devices, and the Internet. The downside to this is the very same technology used to help organization present potential security breaches. Businesses are advised to identify malicious or vulnerable software, design security configurations for hardware and software, and continually conduct security vulnerability assessments. By doing so, companies are able to address potential security risks and breaches before it is too late, making the business more secure.

Keep Employees Informed

A business’s success often revolves around a company’s ability to change and evolve. In short, what worked yesterday is little more than a memory tomorrow. Unfortunately, if the business does not keep the employees informed, especially about changes in security protocols, employee efficiency declines and security risks increase. Always keep employees up-to-date and informed, ensuring they are aware of not only security protocols and policies but risks. This serves to keep the company running smoothly and ensures security risks are at a minimum.

On-site Security

Most businesses benefit from on-site security and with good reason. Security guards help ensure property safety even after everyone else has gone home. More to the point, a security guard can make sure no unauthorized software, mobile device or data storage device is taken on or off the property. All of a company’s information is stored on these devices, and it would be a disaster if any were taken. A security guard can help ensure a company never has to deal with that kind of security nightmare.

Keep Up-To-Date

The final bit of advice is for companies to stay up-to-date with operating systems, anti-virus software, and service providers. Cloud computing, for example, can lead the way to a successful future or a disastrous ending. The difference comes in companies who keep their security efforts up-to-date and ready to use.

Brooke Chaplan is a writer, and recent graduate of the University of New Mexico. She frequently writes about health, home and family and business. You can contact Brooke via twitter @BrookeChaplan. You can also learn more about business security from a security guard in San José.