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Archive for January, 2013

Employee Career Development Plan

4 Steps to the Perfect Employee Career Development Plan (With Template!)

Creating an employee career development plan is a great way to support each of your employees and their career paths. This guest post from Pierce Boylin shows how it can…
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5 ways to reward and show employee recognition

5 Ways To Reward and Show Employee Recognition

Posted on · Posted in Managing Performance, Motivation

How do you reward and show employee recognition? Annabelle Smyth suggests five ways in this guest post. One thing we all can agree on is that everyone likes to be…
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5 ways to improve your public speaking

5 Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Posted on · Posted in Personal and Career Development

Improve your public speaking skills with this guest post from Eric Straighte. It’s safe to say the consensus among Americans is that they would prefer doing almost anything else to…
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Keep the customer satisfied

Keep the Customer Satisfied: 4 Tips!

Posted on · Posted in Happy Customers

How to keep the customer satisfied? In this guest post, Eric Zoberman says trust and satisfaction are the keys to having a successful business. The first major focus of any…
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Five Steps to Becoming a High Performer at Work

Guest post from Elizabeth Grable. Employers today are looking for employees who are going to give 100 percent and devote themselves toward the goals and vision of the company. These…
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Productivity in the workplace: open-plan or closed office?

Posted on · Posted in Productivity, The Happy Workplace

Happiness and productivity in the workplace are affected by several factors but one of the most critical is workspace layout. Where people work in offices, one key decision is whether…
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Personal Productivity Tips

Do you want to begin the new year with some personal productivity tips? Well a good place to start might be by reviewing our pages on goal setting, time management…
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