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Archive for September, 2012

Focus staff induction on your staff - not on you!

Focus staff induction on your staff – not on you!

Who hasn’t got a tale to tell regarding induction into a new job or a new post? We certainly have! Last week we came across an excellent post from Business…
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How to Build a Happy Workplace

A Happy Manager – really? Yes, really!

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How often do you put the words happy and manager together? Can you really be both happy and a manager? An interesting question and one no doubt questioned by many!…
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Job interview questions

Job interview questions – two sides of the coin!

There are two sides to any set of job interview questions! As we’ve already discussed in several places on the Happy Manager, one of the best ways to manage performance…
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The Happy Manager Store - now open!

The new Happy Manager Store – bursting with ideas

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We’ve been working hard this last year, creating a wide range of e-guides to help you find a better way to manage. These weren’t developed in isolation: they were based…
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The new Happy Manager!

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To celebrate our fifth birthday, the Happy Manager is undergoing a major facelift. Our site is now used and referenced all across the world by managers, students and educators, in…
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