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Manage Your Boss – 8 ways to “manage up”

7 – How to Avoid Being Overloaded or Having Your Time Wasted!

Firstly your boss will need your time and that is legitimate. What isn’t legitimate is an over loading, or wasting of your time. There are still ways that you can influence your boss time management. So what things can you do, and what do you need to look out for?

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  • Tell your boss when you are reaching saturation point.
  • Make your boss aware of the consequences if she tries to overload you: “yes I could get that done by then, but that would delay this…”
  • Don’t say yes to everything your boss asks you to do, negotiate!
  • Ask your boss to prioritise when she gives you a list of tasks.
  • When asked to do something: find out details and, if possible, say you’ll get back to her, or take a look at it. Then:
    • Work out what the job involves;
    • Find out who else could be involved;
    • Go back with an answer “ here’s what I can do”.

8 – Build a Bigger Network

Don’t shy away from seeeking help with managing your boss. Try to develop a network of people who can be a positive influence for you. Depending on a single boss can be a career limiting experience. Whether you have a boss who is more authoritarian, or so weak that they don’t have much influence within the organisation, you need to take time to build a bigger network.

Find and get to know the people who really make the decisions in the organisation. Find people who manage well. They are usually easy to find because everybody wants to work for them! Volunteer to help or work more closely with them on a project. Build your network both with managers at the same level to your boss, and with those higher up. Just ensure you look for those managers who create the right conditions for their people. And be sure to build this network with integrity and positive purpose. It’s important not to jeopardise the hard work you’ve put in building a professional relationship with your own boss.

Manage your boss by managing your own performance

Remember: When Your Boss is More Effective, So Are You!

The number one lesson here is this:

work gets far easier for you and your colleagues when you’re able to manage your boss. The result can also be a more effective boss.

This article will probably not solve every boss management issue you have. Each situation is different and some suggestions will work, while others may not.

The important thing is to realise the importance of understanding your situation, and of finding ways to manage it.

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But perhaps one way to manage your boss is to manage your own performance…


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